Bradley Soileau – Rebirth


Bradley Soileau just dropped his first original song this morning via Soundcloud. “Rebirth” is a dark, twisted trap tune that showcases Bradley’s artistic abilities in a new medium, all with a dope sample layered on pitched kick drums and a massive snare. Watch out for more original productions from Bradley in 2014. He is beginning to flex his skills as a producer and songwriter. For more on Bradley, check out his pages below:

Bradley Soileau on Tumblr
Bradley Soileau on Soundcloud
Bradley Soileau on Twitter


Rainy Milo – Rats (Produced by Caswell)

Songwriting and production duo Caswell have produced the latest record from 17-year-old singing sensation Rainy Milo, alongside producer, arranger, and mixer, Daje. The video for her latest single, “Rats,” debuted this morning on VEVO and has been accompanied with stellar reviews from the blogosphere and music media outlets. Read the review from Hilly Dilly and find more from Rainy Milo here:

Rainy Milo on Facebook
Rainy Milo on Twitter
Rainy Milo on Soundcloud

Caswell on Soundcloud