Linda Perry Talks ‘Freeheld’ and Why Miley Cyrus Is Her Favorite with Billboard

photographed by David Needleman

Linda Perry photographed by David Needleman on May 1, 2014 at Kung Fu Gardens in Los Angeles.

Linda Perry recently sats down with for an exclusive interview. In the article, Perry, who wrote the end-title track for Freeheld, entitled “Hands of Love,” performed by Miley Cyrus, explains how it all came about.

The film is already receiving Oscar talk surrounding the movie’s performances, with “Hand’s of Love,” it may also be in the running for best original song. Check out to read the entire article.

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Linda Perry and Miley Cyrus Collaborate On “Hands of Love” For New Film

Freeheld, the new film starring Ellen Page and Julianne Moore released its trailer today via, which features a new song written by Linda Perry and performed by Miley Cyrus entitled Hands of Love.  Perry, Cyrus and Page talk with Time about the song and how it all came to fruition in the exclusive interview.

Photo Credit: Kerry Brown

Perry, Cyrus, Brown in-studio

Perry says she was “completely moved” by the film and started writing the song in her car immediately after the screening. Watch the trailer for Freeheld below, coming to theaters October 2nd. Full interview at


Linda Perry + Sara Gilbert’s Deer Sounds Premiere First Music Video

In an exclusive interview with, Linda Perry and Sara Gilbert give details about the upcoming family-oriented children’s album, Deer Sounds. Full interview at

Deer Sounds - Promo Photo

The first single, “Wake up, Wake up, Wake up” premiered today with a music video the whole family will enjoy. Deer Sounds will be releasing next week, September 18th, on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music. Check out the music video for Wake up, Wake up, Wake up below.

Pre-order Deer Sounds on iTunes now.

Deer Sounds Album Cover (1)


Vogue Covers Blackfist by Bradley Soileau

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Check out the Vogue interview/article on Bradley Soileau, the fashion brain behind Blackfist. 

Blackfist was described by Soileau in the interview. Excerpt below.

How do you describe the Blackfist aesthetic? What was your motivation behind launching it?
It’s rebellion, sex, violence, aggression. It’s good and bad and sexy and ugly. It’s for someone who wakes up every day and says, I want to be loud and angry, or, I want to get fucked, or, I don’t really give a shit what I look like but I still look awesome. That’s the aesthetic, that’s the person who should want to wear it and who would vibe with it or understand it. It’s for the throwaways with style, the forgotten ones that look like shit but dress better than your latest fashion icons. I started it because I wanted to show people that there’s still art in fashion, it all hasn’t just become a consumer-driven business . . . to make art for myself. To leave a lasting impression on the world so when I die it wouldn’t have been for nothing.

Check out the full article here

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Linda Perry Sits Down With HUFFPOST LIVE

Earlier today, Linda Perry appeared on Huffington Post Live for a sit down interview to discuss her latest achievement: an induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. She also gives us some insight into her family life and a new project. Perry will officially be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame tonight in NYC. Check out a recap of the interview above or at


BMI Interview with Rainy Milo at SXSW

Rainy Milo speaks with BMI about her first SXSW experience at the BMI Brunch. Milo’s US debut album, This Thing Of Ours, is set to release April 21st. Check out the interview below.

Watch Rainy Milo’s music video for latest single, ‘Bout You.